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Superior Brazoria and Matagorda County Demolition Services for over 60 years.

Demolition is typically thought of as blowing up buildings or swinging wrecking ball to knock down structures. What most people do not realize is that demolition is an engineered process of safety and efficiently removing a variety of structures.


Since 1960, Justice Sand Co., Inc. (JSC) has delivered quality residential & commercial service at competitive prices. JSC is also capable of removing concrete roads, asphalt roads, slabs and foundations of any size.


JSC has a variety of demolition equipment including grapples, hydraulic hammers, hydraulic excavators and trucks. JSC understands the importance of each demolition project and approaches each one with an executed plan.


Safety is the key factor in all our projects. JSC safety department continues to update training for our employees to insure the safety of not only our employees but also the safety of our community and customers. Special consideration is placed on environmental issues, public safety and health risks, employee safety hazards, and recycling project. Companies that perform demolition services are considered specialty contractors. JSC has been doing demolitions since 1960.

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