Materials Description

Materials Description

Supplying foundations in Brazoria and Matagorda County for over 60 years.

Clean Sand: Sand with minimal to no clay – used for septic systems horse stalls, sand boxes, etc.


Fill/Yard Sand: Sand with light clay binder mix – used to fill in low spots in yards. Grass will still grow.


Foundation Sand: Dirty sand with some clay – used to fill forms before pouring concrete slabs.


Clay: 100% clay – used for building road beds, house pad (not foundations) Cannot be shoveled.


60/40 (Sandy Clay): 60% clay / 40% sand – used for construction sites or some individuals prefer this mix over straight clay or sand. Can also be used for building up land/road beds.


Select Fill: Sand and Clay mixed – Used mostly when a PI (Plasticity Index) is required.


Fill Dirt: Blackish gray color dirt – used for fill. If this material is not available, fill sand does the same thing.


Topsoil: Top layer when stripping ground – used for gardening/flowerbed. No additives.



Crushed Concrete Base: 1 ½” – ¼” cr. concrete mixed with sandy binder for packing and setting up – concrete rubble recycled to make this product.


Limestone Base: 1 ½” – ¼” limestone rock mixed with sandy binder for packing and setting up.

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Serving Brazoria and Matagorda County Material Needs for Over 60 Years.
Justice Sand Co., Inc. carries a wide range of materials to supply our commercial & residential customers. Our materials include Sand, Select Fill, Limestone Base, Crushed Concrete Base, Milled Asphalt, Gravel & many types of Specialty Rock.