We supply a wide variety of Sand including:

Clean Sand: Sand without any clay, used for septic systems, horse stalls, sand boxes etc.

Yard/Fill Sand: Sand with a light clay binder mixed in to fill in low spots in yards (grass will grow through this)

Foundation Sand:
Dirty sand with some clay, used to fill forms before pouring concrete slabs.

Clay: 100% clay, used for building road beds, house pads (not foundations) this material cannot be shoveled, Contact us about equipment to spread and compact.

Select Fill: Clay mix, PI 10-20

Sandy Clay:
60/40 Mix 60% clay 40% Sand, mostly used for construction sites or can also be used for building up land or road beds, it is not as heavy as the straight clay.

Fill Dirt: usually a blackish gray color dirt that can be used for fill.